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[14] Paper Materials and Products
 -family-[1410] Paper materials
    -class-[141015] Raw materials
       -commodity-[14101501] Paper pulp
 -family-[1411] Paper products
    -class-[141115] Printing and writing paper
       -commodity-[14111501] Onion skin paper
       -commodity-[14111502] Vellum paper
       -commodity-[14111503] Parchment paper
       -commodity-[14111504] Tractor feed paper
       -commodity-[14111505] Mimeograph paper
       -commodity-[14111506] Computer printout paper
       -commodity-[14111507] Photocopier paper
       -commodity-[14111508] Facsimile paper
       -commodity-[14111509] Stationery
       -commodity-[14111510] Plotter paper
       -commodity-[14111511] Writing paper
       -commodity-[14111512] Graph paper
       -commodity-[14111513] Ledger paper
       -commodity-[14111514] Message note pads
       -commodity-[14111515] Calculator paper
       -commodity-[14111516] Notebook filler paper
       -commodity-[14111517] Business forms
       -commodity-[14111518] Index cards
       -commodity-[14111519] Cardstock papers
    -class-[141116] Novelty paper
       -commodity-[14111601] Gift-wrapping paper, bags, or boxes
       -commodity-[14111604] Business cards
       -commodity-[14111605] Greeting cards
    -class-[141117] Personal paper products
       -commodity-[14111701] Facial tissues
       -commodity-[14111702] Toilet seat covers
       -commodity-[14111703] Paper towels
       -commodity-[14111704] Toilet tissue
       -commodity-[14111705] Paper napkins (serviettes)
 -family-[1412] Industrial use papers
    -class-[141215] Paperboard
       -commodity-[14121501] Bleached paperboard
       -commodity-[14121502] Unbleached paperboard
    -class-[141216] Tissue papers
       -commodity-[14121601] Unbleached crepe papers
       -commodity-[14121602] Semi-bleached crepe papers
       -commodity-[14121603] Wet strength tissue papers
       -commodity-[14121604] Acid free tissue papers
       -commodity-[14121605] Kraft tissue paper
    -class-[141217] Laminated papers
       -commodity-[14121701] Papers bonded with film
       -commodity-[14121702] Cylinder papers (multi-layer heavyweight paper)
    -class-[141218] Coated papers
       -commodity-[14121801] Clay coated papers
       -commodity-[14121802] Polyethylene coated papers
       -commodity-[14121803] Polyester coated papers
       -commodity-[14121804] Silicone coated papers
    -class-[141219] Newsprint and offset papers
       -commodity-[14121901] Standard newsprint
       -commodity-[14121902] Colored newsprint
       -commodity-[14121903] High brightness newsprint
       -commodity-[14121904] Offset paper
    -class-[141220] Specialty coated papers
       -commodity-[14122001] Butcher papers
    -class-[141221] Uncoated base papers
       -commodity-[14122101] Super-calendared kraft paper
       -commodity-[14122102] Machine finished or glazed kraft paper
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