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[76] Industrial Cleaning Services
 -family-[7610] Decontamination services
    -class-[761015] Disinfection
       -commodity-[76101501] Washroom sanitation services
       -commodity-[76101502] Rest room cleaning services
       -commodity-[76101503] Disinfection or deodorizing services
    -class-[761016] Hazardous material decontamination
       -commodity-[76101601] Radioactive decontamination services
       -commodity-[76101602] Asbestos decontamination or removal
 -family-[7611] Cleaning and janitorial services
    -class-[761115] General building and office cleaning services
       -commodity-[76111501] Building cleaning services
       -commodity-[76111502] Building maintenance or repair services
       -commodity-[76111503] Lighting maintenance services
       -commodity-[76111504] Window or window blind cleaning services
    -class-[761116] Building component cleaning services
       -commodity-[76111601] Acoustical tile or ceiling cleaning services
       -commodity-[76111602] Air duct cleaning
       -commodity-[76111603] Chimney cleaning
       -commodity-[76111604] Floor waxing or carpet cleaning
       -commodity-[76111605] Exhaust hood or fan clearing
    -class-[761117] Building site clean up
       -commodity-[76111701] Construction site clean up services
       -commodity-[76111702] Construction site haul away services
 -family-[7612] Refuse disposal and treatment
    -class-[761215] Refuse collection and disposal
       -commodity-[76121501] Garbage collection, destruction, processing or disposal
       -commodity-[76121502] Liquid waste collection, processing or disposal
       -commodity-[76121503] Street cleaning services
    -class-[761216] Nonhazardous waste disposal
       -commodity-[76121601] Garbage dump
       -commodity-[76121602] Sanitary landfill operations
       -commodity-[76121603] Sludge disposal
       -commodity-[76121604] Dead animal disposal services
    -class-[761217] Liquid waste treatment
       -commodity-[76121701] Sewage treatment services
       -commodity-[76121702] Chemical treatment services
    -class-[761218] Refuse treatment
       -commodity-[76121801] Recycling services
    -class-[761219] Hazardous waste disposal
       -commodity-[76121901] Medical waste disposal
       -commodity-[76121902] Acid waste collection, disposal
       -commodity-[76121903] Chemical detoxification
 -family-[7613] Toxic and hazardous waste cleanup
    -class-[761315] Nuclear waste treatment
       -commodity-[76131501] Radioactive waste material treatment
       -commodity-[76131502] Radioactive containment services
    -class-[761316] Toxic spill cleanup
       -commodity-[76131601] Toxic spill containment
       -commodity-[76131602] Toxic substances spill cleanup
    -class-[761317] Oil spill cleanup
       -commodity-[76131701] Oil residue disposal or control services
       -commodity-[76131702] Oil spill treatment services
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