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[83] Public Utilities and Public Sector Related Services
 -family-[8310] Utilities
    -class-[831015] Water and sewer utilities
       -commodity-[83101501] Supply of water
       -commodity-[83101502] Water resource management
       -commodity-[83101503] Water quality control management
       -commodity-[83101504] Water distribution management
       -commodity-[83101505] Water policy advisory services
       -commodity-[83101506] Water treatment services
       -commodity-[83101507] Desalination services
    -class-[831016] Oil and gas utilities
       -commodity-[83101601] Supply of natural gas
       -commodity-[83101602] Supply of fuel oil
       -commodity-[83101603] Oil pipeline services
       -commodity-[83101604] Gas pipeline services
    -class-[831018] Electric utilities
       -commodity-[83101801] Supply of single phase electricity 
       -commodity-[83101802] Supply of two phase electricity
       -commodity-[83101803] Supply of three phase electricity
       -commodity-[83101804] Electric power transmission services
       -commodity-[83101805] Industrial electric power distribution
       -commodity-[83101806] Rural electrical power distribution
       -commodity-[83101807] Municipal electric power distribution
    -class-[831019] Energy conservation
       -commodity-[83101901] Energy conservation programs
       -commodity-[83101902] Energy use reduction measures
 -family-[8311] Telecommunications media services
    -class-[831115] Local and long distance telephone communications
       -commodity-[83111501] Local telephone service 
       -commodity-[83111502] Long distance telephone services 
       -commodity-[83111503] Pay phone provider services
       -commodity-[83111504] Pre-paid phone card services
    -class-[831116] Mobile communications services
       -commodity-[83111601] Telecommunication signal enhancement network services
       -commodity-[83111602] Satellite or earth communication systems services
       -commodity-[83111603] Cellular telephone services
       -commodity-[83111604] Paging services
    -class-[831117] Facsimile and telegraph services
       -commodity-[83111701] Facsimile transmission services
       -commodity-[83111702] Telegraph transmission services
       -commodity-[83111703] Telex transmission services
    -class-[831118] Television services
       -commodity-[83111801] Cable television services
       -commodity-[83111802] Closed circuit television services
       -commodity-[83111803] Television antenna construction or rental services
       -commodity-[83111804] Television broadcasting station management
    -class-[831119] Radio services
       -commodity-[83111901] Radio broadcasting station management
       -commodity-[83111902] Amateur radio networks or services
       -commodity-[83111903] Small scale radio systems 
       -commodity-[83111904] Radio studio or equipment services
 -family-[8312] Information services
    -class-[831215] Libraries
       -commodity-[83121501] General municipal public-use libraries
       -commodity-[83121502] College or university libraries
       -commodity-[83121503] Privately-owned libraries
       -commodity-[83121504] National government or military post libraries
    -class-[831216] Information centers
       -commodity-[83121601] Chambers of Commerce
       -commodity-[83121602] Tourism board services
       -commodity-[83121603] Computerized information retrieval systems
       -commodity-[83121604] Online database information retrieval systems
       -commodity-[83121605] Remote database information retrieval services
    -class-[831217] Mass communication services
       -commodity-[83121701] Television related services
       -commodity-[83121702] Radio related services
       -commodity-[83121703] Internet related services
       -commodity-[83121704] Citizen warning systems
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