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Top level classifications and UN/SPSC Codes are listed below.
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[10] Live Plant and Animal Material, Accessories and Supplies
[11] Mineral, Textile and Inedible Plant and Animal Materials 
[12] Industrial Chemical and Gas Materials 
[13] Plastic, Rubber and Elastomeric Materials 
[14] Paper Materials and Products 
[15] Fuels, Fuel Additives, Lubricants and Anti-corrosives Materials 
[20] Mining Machinery and Accessories 
[21] Farming, Fishing, Forestry and Wildlife Machinery and Accessories. 
[22] Building and Construction Machinery and Accessories 
[23] Industrial Manufacturing and Processing Machinery and Accessories 
[24] Material Handling, Conditioning and Storage Machinery, Accessories and Supplies 
[25] Commercial, Military and Private Vehicles, Accessories and Components 
[26] Power Generation and Distribution Machinery and Accessories 
[27] Tools and General Machinery 
[30] Structures, Building and Construction Components and Supplies 
[31] Manufacturing Components and Supplies 
[32] Electronic Components and Supplies 
[39] Lighting and Electrical  Accessories and Supplies 
[40] Distribution and Conditioning Systems, Equipment, and Components
[41] Laboratory, Measuring, Observing and Testing Equipment 
[42] Medical Equipment, Accessories and Supplies 
[43] Communications, Computer Equipment, Peripherals, Components and Supplies 
[44] Office Equipment, Accessories and Supplies 
[45] Printing, Photographic and Audio/Visual Equipment and Supplies 
[46] Defence, Law Enforcement, Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies 
[47] Cleaning Equipment and Supplies 
[48] Service Industry Machinery, Equipment and Supplies 
[49] Musical Instruments, Recreational Equipment, Supplies and Accessories 
[50] Food Beverage and Tobacco Products 
[51] Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products 
[52] Furniture, Furnishings, Domestic Appliances and Consumer Electronic Products 
[53] Apparel, Luggage, and Personal Toiletry Products 
[54] Timepieces, Jewellery, and Gemstone Products 
[55] Published Products 
[70] Farming, Fishing, Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services 
[71] Mining, Oil and Gas Drilling Services 
[72] Building, Construction and Maintenance Services 
[73] Industrial Production and Manufacturing Services 
[76] Industrial Cleaning Services 
[77] Environmental Services 
[78] Transportation, Storage and Mail Services 
[80] Management, Business Professionals and Administrative Services 
[81] Research and Science-Based Services 
[82] Editorial, Design, Graphic and Fine Art Services 
[83] Public Utilities and Public Sector Related Services 
[84] Financial and Insurance Services 
[85] Healthcare Services 
[86] Education and Training Services 
[90] Travel, Food, Lodging and Entertainment Services 
[91] Personal and Domestic Services 
[92] National Defence, Public Order, Security and Safety Services 
[93] Politics and Civic Affairs Services
[94] Organizations and Clubs
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