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SkyKey Solutions

Bullet_6.gif (562 bytes) The Problems
The Internet is great! But there are some problems,
such as
lack of uniformity and information overload ......
Surfing the net, we spend 90% of the time going through
what we did not even intend to look at.
How many businesses have increased their real profits
though the Internet? Is yours one of them?

Bullet_6.gif (562 bytes)
The Solutions
Applying United Nations' Standard Products & Services
Classification, SkyKey is able to create connections
between the sellers and the buyers by cross matching
the products and services involved in the businesses.
The Intelligent Business Network Technology generates

and targeted business communication only.
It establishes a
two way information exchange stage
for you and your potential buyers and suppliers.
We not only connect the other businesses to you
but also connect you to the other businesses.

Bullet_6.gif (562 bytes) The Difference

Powered by The Intelligent Business Network Technology,
SkyKey not only stores the information supplied by
the business but also
processes the information,
most importantly
delivers the information to the most
appropriate targets
and provides feedback to the
business with the results of the information process.

  Bullet_6.gif (562 bytes) The Vision
As we have entered the new millennium, new technologies
are changing the way we do business and the way
we communicate. The mission of is to
create business communications
with intelligence,
so that business will be able to
sell more and buy better.
Let us work together, make the Internet a better place
and deliver some
real benefits to the businesses.

Bullet_6.gif (562 bytes) The Benefits
Register for full membership with SkyKey. You will have
access to many revolutionary e-commerce tools.
Here are just some of the great features Skykey offers.
To locate buyers and suppliers with powerful intelligent search.
To retrieve the lists (All or New) of your prospective buyers and suppliers.
Fresh lists are generated by SkyKey consistently and continuously.
To post offers and enquiries to the buyers and suppliers of your choice
just from your desktop.
To received the enquiries from the buyers of your products/services
+ the latest offers from your prospective suppliers.
To edit
the UN/SPSC codes of your products and services.
+ submit request to United Nations through SkyKey for changes to the
UN/SPSC coding system.
To access the best world news, world time, currency conversion,
country information, current stocks and much more ......





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